If you are viewing this site in January or February 2023, this site is brand new.
Content will be added over the next couple weeks! <3


A comfortable home for Skyrim mod authors

Welcome to my our new website.

As modders in the Skyrim community, there was no shared place where all of us could share our sample projects and documentation for:

  • Papyrus script code
  • C++ SKSE code
  • Sample .esp plugin files

There are lots of lovely resources available today, including:

But that is for Papyrus code. What about C++ code?

Plus, GitHub is the best home for sample projects.

Let’s work together to make this place great and filled with useful content.

For now, there might not be much. But please reach out to contibute.

As of today, the best way to reach out is to find me on Discord

Later, we will setup a more formal contribution model <3

~ Enjoy your stay! ~

Game Events

Listen for game events: OnActivate, OnHit, OnMenuOpen, etc